An Interactive Demonstration of iframe

One of the courses I teach is called Information Management Systems, in Dalhousie’s Master of Library and Information Studies program. As part of this week’s lab, we focused on a Microsoft 365 Cloud Applications to explore cloud applications and web services. Cloud applications are one of the many technologies that make digital workplaces possible and we will explore two new Microsoft applications that are designed to change work processes. The first is Sway, an application designed to allow users to make high quality, speedy and interactive presentation content which is shared broadly on the internet. This post demonstrates how Sway works by sharing the presentation through an iframe, one of the HTML5 features that supports interactive media content. Feel free to explore the sample presentation below. Note: none of this content is mine, it is all curated by the Nova Scotia Archive and is borrowed strictly for demonstration and learning purposes. You can find the original source of the content here.

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