Colin Conrad

I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Information Management at Dalhousie University where I teach information systems and data science.

I am interested in questions about how information technology affects our brains and what neuroscience can tell us about how to design effective information technologies. I am an interdisciplinary scholar who conducts research at the intersection of management information systems, education, neuroscience , and computer science. You can find my faculty profile at the Dalhousie School of Information Management here and my Google Scholar profile here.

On this site can will find my blog posts, more information about my research, links to teaching resources, and information about how to get in touch with me.


Technology Can Change Everything about the Business of Higher Ed (for the Better)

This post was originally featured in the Dalhousie Business Review on December 3rd, 2019. You can find the link to the original article here. In 2012, an article in The American Interest made waves heralding the “End of the University as We Know It”. In this article, the author predicted that half of the colleges and …

Why cognitive enhancement technologies do not need new regulation

After digging through old files from my PhD, I ran into a copy of a class presentation I worked on with Sarah Macleod and Mohammad Habibnezhad on cognitive enhancement technologies. Examples of cognitive enhancement technologies could be cognitive enhancing drugs such as Ritalin, or even whatever the heck Elon Musk is working on at Neuralink; …